About the Founders

Dusty Williams

Co-Founder/Head Brewer

Dusty has spent the bulk of his career as a part time Air Force Enlisted/Officer and full time Systems Engineer at companies such as Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, and Tech Team Global. His credentials and background are in Management and Information Technology, and also possess a a Masters Degree in these areas. Now retired from the Military, he has begun to follow some of his other passions. 

Dusty began home-brewing many years ago, and has always been intrigued by the Craft Beer Industry and the brewing process in general. Dusty feels that the ability to make great craft beer is truly an art and the possibilities of what you can do with 4 simple components is endless. He has a passion for brewing and has always dreamt about opening a brewery. Following his retirement from the Air Force and with the encouragement of many, he has decided to turn that passion and dream into a reality. In the fall of 2014 he and Joann made the plunge and started up Talisman Brewing Company.

Joann Williams

Co-Founder & CFO

Joann’s education and background is in Marketing and HR Management.  Joann has 19 yrs of in-depth experience in financial services, marketing, B2B sales, business development and distribution management.  She has held a number of professional roles at organizations such as: Republic Services, Sysco Foods, Marriott, and Kimberly Clark Professional.  


From the beginning she has been supportive of Dusty’s brewing: both as a hobby and now as a full time endeavor.  She is excited for the community to experience what she has had access to for many years: some amazing craft beer. Like Dusty, Joann holds a high appreciation for craft beer and shares in Dusty’s passion to produce and distribute a unique high quality craft beer offering.  

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