Draft Beer Menu

Build a flight of beers

4 tasters per person

Taster (5oz)              $2 each

Flagship Beers

Pint (16oz)                           $5

Pitcher (64oz)                     $16

Crowler (25.4 oz Can)        $6

Growler Fill (64oz)             $14

Grumbler Fill (32oz)          $7

Comin in Hop ~ India Pale Ale ~ 5%

Award winning session IPA, unfiltered and triple dry hopped producing big aroma/flavor of citrus, pine and tropical fruits. 55 IBU

Udder Chaos ~ Chocolate Milk Stout  ~ 5%

A milk stout with generous amounts of real cacao nibs added. Very smooth and on the sweeter side with notes of chocolate, coffee and cream.

For an extra velvety experience try it on Nitro!

Uplifted ~ Scottish Style Ale  ~ 5%

Award winning 80 Schilling (Export) Scottish Ale. Unlike the Scotch Ale, this beer is lighter bodied yet still malt forward with notes of toasted bread, subtle hints of toffee and very faint smokiness. 

Kreation ~ German Hefeweizen  ~ 5%

Brewed as a traditional German-style Hefe, this beer is driven by yeast esters that provide subtle hints of banana and clove.  Nice wheat cracker notes with a slight citrus acidity on the finish.

Killer Grove ~ Blood Orange Honey Wheat ~ 5%

An American Wheat Ale brewed with honey wheat malt and real blood orange puree. A balance of honey sweetness and tart zest from the blood orange, makes this a refreshing option!

Specialty Beers

Pint (16oz)                           $6

Pitcher (64oz)                     $18

Crowler (25.4 oz Can)        $7

Growler Fill (64oz)             $16

Grumbler Fill (32oz)          $8

Basic Mandi  ~ Golden Ale w/ Tangerine, Mandarin and Vanilla  ~ 5%

We wanted to make a beer reminiscent of a creamsicle/orange julius. This fun beer is a one-off and  was brewed using real mandarin/tangerine puree and madagascar vanilla beans. This beer is on the sweeter side but still lets you know its a beer. Its moderately sweet with big citrus notes that are rounded out by the vanilla. 

Adventures In IPA #7 ~ Hazy India Pale Ale ~ 5%

Adventures in IPA is a rotating IPA series using different malts/hops in every batch. Batch #7 is a Hazy IPA that has huge tropical and citrus aromas/flavors with mild bitterness and massive hop characteristics. 

Double dry-hopped with Galaxy and Citra; 40 IBU.

King Slayer ~ Czech Style Pilsner ~ 5%

A Pilsner brewed using traditional brewing methodology and proper lagering technique.  

King Slayer is light and crisp with soft bread/biscuit notes and a moderate dry bitter finish.

Hot Girl Summer ~ Honey Wheat w/ Lavender ~ 5%

An American honey wheat with fresh local lavender added to secondary. The lavender is present but not over whelming with the honey malt lending a nice touch of sweetness that compliments it's complex floral notes.

Oktoberfest ~ Märzenbier ~ 5%

Traditionally poured at Oktoberfest in Munich, this beer is representative of the seasons changing.  Lagered for 6 weeks, this Märzenbier is an amber-colored lager that features rich malts.  Toasty and bready notes with caramel reminnecent sweetness all balanced out with enough bitterness to finish out clean and dry. Prost!

El Norte ~ Mexican Lager ~ 5%

A unique lager brewed with a mix of traditional malts and flaked corn.  It is bright, crisp and refreshing with slightly sweet cereal nods and subtle corn tortilla notes.  Citrus-forward hops lend the perfect zest to omit the citrus garnish typically served with the style.

Berry Salty ~ Contemporary Raspberry Gose~ 5%

Considered a Sour Ale, this Contemporary Gose is brewed with salt and fresh raspberries. A very refreshing beer with harmonious fresh raspberry flavor, mild salinity and a thirst quenching effervescent finish.

Something Light ~ Kolsch-Style Ale ~ 5%

A German Kolsch is a uniquely intricate style that straddles the Lager/Ale spectrum. It is considered an Ale but was fermented at cooler temperatures than most Ales. This provides a smooth, crisp, slightly dry beer that is highly drinkable! 

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