As a tribute to the 5,000 year old tradition of brewing in Scotland, we brewed this classic 80 Schilling Scottish Ale. This Ale features a malt forward, lightly-roasted, and caramelized flavor incorporating faint hints of smokiness. So lift up a pint, not your kilt, and enjoy this sessionable Scottish Ale. 

Style: Scottish Ale (80 Schilling)

Alcohol Percentage by Volume 4.0

IBU (bitterness): 18-19  

Color: Pale Copper-Brown

Aroma: Malty, toasted bread, caramel

Expected Flavor Profile: Although malt focused, it is light and easy drinking. Bready toasted flavor, with hints of caramel. Slight smokiness with clean subtle malty butterscotch finish.

Bronze medal winner

2019 International beer awards

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